Bogart Comes to Playa

Bogart Comes to Playa

Playa Largo Resort & Spa – once home to the nation’s most bountiful pineapple plantation is now the future home of the Humphrey Bogart Festival, taking place Oct. 12-16, 2016.

The five-day festival commemorates “The Man” of classic films that are still loved by so many: “Casablanca,” “Key Largo,” “The African Queen,” the list goes on. Since the festival’s creation in 2013, thousands of devout Bogart fans have flocked to Key Largo to enjoy the actor’s classics the way they were meant to be seen – on the big screen. Plus, let’s be honest – there’s no better place to watch “Key Largo” than with a signature Playa Largo cocktail beneath the stars in Key Largo itself!

Photo provided by Andy Newman/Florida Keys News Bureau via Getty Images

According to an article published in the Miami New Times, Bogart’s son, Stephen, said, “We just felt it was time to start to introduce my father and noir films to a new generation — and to please the fans, because you really can’t get [classic noir films] anymore.”

When Bogart fans aren’t enjoying his cinematic creations, they are invited to attend the Sam Spade cocktail reception, Bogie’s Harbor Party and even take a cruise on The African Queen. Additionally, award-winning director Billy Corben (known for Cocaine Cowboys) is this year’s MC for the festivities, so there are plenty of opportunities to snap a pic with the event’s famous attendees.

While Bogart is most well-known for “Casablanca,” the timeless romance flick and war drama, the festival features six showings each day so travelers can catch other favorites including, “The Big Sleep,” “Maltese Falcon” and “Bogart and Bacall.”

We couldn’t be more excited to serve as the official home base for the 2016 festival! In honor of the event, travelers who book a stay at Playa Largo Resort & Spa will enjoy special discounted rates, and Bogart pass holders will get an additional 10% off when they present their pass to the hotel upon check-out. To book, click here.

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